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High-performance Firearms Training   

"DILIGENTIA VIS CELERITAS" ... "Accuracy Power Speed"

High-Performance Competition Training Classes

DVC Performance has the most comprehensive and effective competition training classes in the area.
Our specialized classes incorporate a combination of the most important shootings skills, addressed holistically to build speed, accuracy and overall proficiency to improve your shooting performance.

What Makes DVC Performance
Competition Training Classes So Effective?

  • Objective shooter evaluation process to establish baseline of fundamental shooting skills, and determine training focus areas
  • Customized training plans designed for each shooter based their specific goals and focus areas
  • Training on match-style shooting arrays designed for specific skill levels to improve shooting performance by replicating competition scenarios
  • Individual coaching of fundamental and advanced shooting techniques to speed up the learning curve

Competition Training Class Options Are Available to Suit All Skill Levels:

  CT-L1:  New-Shooter/Introduction to Competition Training: (2 hours)

 –    Instruction and drills to build a foundation of the fundamental competition shooting skill set

 –    Review of equipment and basic firearm handling/safety, as well as competition-specific requirements

 –    Firearm-specific grip/stance enhancement techniques

Introduction to Competition Class

  CT-L2:  Experienced Shooter/Aspiring Competition Shooter Training: (3 hours)

 –    Review and refresh of fundamental competition shooting skills and techniques

 –    Coaching and drills to enhance current techniques to maximize speed and accuracy

 –    Introduction to advanced competition shooting skills and techniques

Intermediate Competition Class

  CT-L3:  Intermediate-to-Advanced Competition Shooter Training: (3 hours)

 –    In-depth analysis of complete competition shooting skill set

 –    Targeted review and breakdown of specific skill areas identified for improvement

 –    Focused coaching and drills to refine skills in targeted areas, and move shooting performance to the next level

Advanced Competition Class

  Extended Class Time at a Discounted Rate:  (per hour)
All Competition Training Classes can be extended for additional time to refine skills at a discounted rate!
                   Number of hours to extend class can be set by updating quantity in cart

Extend Class Time (per hour)

DVC Performance offers discounted group class rates, as well as
10% discounts to Active-Duty Military and Law Enforcement