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For questions not covered in our FAQ section, please contact us at info@DVCperformance.com

When you are ready to schedule a class, please complete the online registration below - including our pre-class shooter experience and goals assessment section, which is designed to help us tailor our instruction plans to address specific skill areas of interest, and maximize improvements at any ability level.
Once received, we will send an e-mail to confirm the date and time of the class, and finalize your class reservation.

Current availability for DVC Performance training sessions is as follows:
  • Weekday sessions available - e-mail for specifics
  • Limited weekend session availability
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 Advance in Competition Shooting (e.g. IPSC/USPSA, IDPA, Steel, 3-Gun, Precision Rifle, etc.)
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   Improve Recreational Target Shooting Skills
   Enhance Basic Familiarity - Safe Firearm Handling, Operation and Maintenance
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   New Firearms Owner/Learning Shooter
   Experienced Shooter/Aspiring Competition Shooter
   Intermediate-to-Advanced Competition Shooter
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   Grip, Stance and Recoil Management
   Draw, Establishing Natural Point of Aim
   Accuracy - Sight Alignment and Trigger Control
   Shot Calling (i.e. Knowing where the round will impact the target as the shot breaks)
   High-Speed Reloads
   Shooting on the Move
   First Shot Hits at Long/Varied Ranges

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